The American Library Association accredits master’s programs in Library and Information Science in North America. Accreditation ensures quality instruction for future information professionals. Employers typically require that professionals graduate from an ALA-Accredited institution.

The Master of Library and Information Science (MLISc) Degree Program was first accredited by the American Library Association (ALA) in 1967 and was re-accredited under new standards in 1974, 1980, 1986, 1994, 2000, and 2009. A key step in the accreditation process is the report written by the Library and Information Science Program and submitted to the ALA Committee on Accreditation. Each report is a snapshot of the program’s goals, objectives, and strategic planning.

Program Presentation Report

University of Hawaii at Manoa
Library and Information Science Program
Report to the ALA Committee on Accreditation
August 2008

Program Presentation
[External Review Panel Report]
[Letter from COA]

Appendices are available onsite.

Program Presentation Report

University of Hawaii at Manoa
Library and Information Science Program
Report to the Committee on Accreditation
August 1999

The following report was submitted to the American Library Association’s Committee on Accreditation in August 1999. The document is available in PDF format which requires the Adobe Acrobat software for viewing. The software may be downloaded at

Program Presentation Web Site Listing

These website were listed with the original 1999 CoA Report and may not be current or working.

Chapter 1 Organizational Context

Chapter 2 Mission, Goals, and Objectives

Chapter 3 The Planning Process

Chapter 4 Curriculum

  • LIS course descriptions
  • ICS cross-over course descriptions
  • Suggested course plans for areas of concentration
  • Dual Master’s Degrees
  • Summers-Only Program
  • CIS Doctoral Program
  • Certificate in Advanced Library and Information Science

Chapter 5 Students

  • LIS Program Catalog
  • Financial support
  • LIS “Aloha Guide”
  • LIS Student Chapter of ASIS

Chapter 6 Faculty

Chapter 7 Physical Resources

Chapter 8 Administration and Finance

Course Materials and Student Work

(Many of the pages previously recorded here were necessarily removed because of the 2004 flood of the facilities, resulting in a loss of all materials on the previous LIS server)

  • Donna Bair-Mundy’s LIS 670 Course Materials and Student Work
  • Dr. Peter Jacso’s Course Materials 
    • Digital Reading Lists, Digital Carrels, and Digital Notebooks
  • Student Webliographies for Dr. Peter Jacso’s Digital Librarianship Course
  • Dr. Diane Nahl’s Course Materials 601, 610, 665, 677
  • Student Work for Dr. Nahl’s Courses 601, 610, 662, 665, 677
  • Student Work for Dr. Nahl’s  LIS 601 Course
    • Ani Au and Daniel Fitz-Enz Pathfinder Project:
    • Ellen Peterson and Nancy Kleban Pathfinder Project:
    • Ani Au Reference Fieldwork Report:
    • Trish Middleton Reference Fieldwork Report:
    • Romy Panko
  • Dr. Larry Osborne’s Course Materials 605, 606, 647, 650, 670, 672, 695