Student Learning Outcomes

The framework of the LIS Program curriculum is based on our Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs), which are aligned with the ALA Core Competencies, but also reflect regular feedback from our students, alumni, faculty and other stakeholders, and the curricular components of our strategic plan.

Current SLOs

(approved by LIS faculty April 2017, effective Fall 2017, modified December 2017)

  • SLO1 Services: Design, provide, and assess information services
  • SLO2 Professions: Apply history and ethics to develop a professional LIS identity
  • SLO3 Resources: Create, organize, manage and discover information resources
  • SLO4 Technologies: Evaluate and apply information technologies
  • SLO5 Cultures: Analyze and apply knowledge about information needs and perspectives of indigenous cultures and/or diverse communities
  • SLO6 Management: Demonstrate skills necessary to manage and work effectively within information organizations
Student Learning Outcomes--Spring 2017 and earlier