Beginning in their first semester, all students are assigned a faculty advisor for the duration of the program. The student must meet with the faculty advisor each semester to discuss academic plans and get approval for course registration. The advising process includes discussion of course selection, course load, academic and professional goals.

Students may change advisors at any time by submitting an advisor change form (see below), which must be signed by the new advisor and returned to the Program Coordinator.

At each advising session with your faculty advisor, you will fill in the Student Advising Worksheet (PDF). A copy of this document will remain in your student folder and will allow you and your advisor to trace the history of your classes and experiences.

As part of becoming a professional, students are required to maintain their own copy of the Student Advising Guidelines document, and to fill it in each semester to keep track of their progress throughout their Program in requirements and electives, scholarships and awards, and professional group participation.

When seeking information about courses, you should feel free to talk to many different people in addition to your Faculty Advisor: classmates, other faculty members, and librarians can be great resources for learning more about courses. If you have questions about a specific course, it’s a good idea to find out who is teaching the course and ask them directly – or you can look at our course descriptions page for previous years’ syllabi and professors.

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