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Pearl City Team Studies the Effects of Radiation Levels on Soybeans


Ashley Kunihiro (l) and Shelby Carpenter (r) setting up project.

With an eye to future careers in the healthcare professions Shelby Carpenter and Ashley Kunihiro, seniors at Pearl City High School, chose to work on a research project based on a relatively new concept: hormesis. Hormesis is a biological phenomenon whereby a beneficial effect (improved health, stress tolerance) results from exposure to low doses of an agent that is otherwise toxic or lethal when given in higher doses. They decided to test the effect that different levels of radiation had on soybean plants. Shelby said, “We applied the concept of hormesis and found that the low doses of radiation positively affected the plants.” The treatment resulted in increases in the plant’s height, number of leaves, and amount of beans. As true researchers, however, the team wants to do more trials before reaching a sound conclusion. Continue reading

Konawaena Middle School Students Tackle World Issues

Konawaena Team

Student presenters from l to r: Naia Balancio, Van Petrovic and Jade Onaka. Photo courtesy of Konawaena Middle School.

In April, eighth graders at Konawaena Middle School displayed their confidence and knowledge in the school’s Kulia I Ka Nuu (“Strive for the Highest”) initiative, when they presented their research on timely societal issues such as gender inequality, government corruption, and parental pressure. The annual project starts in January with a massive brainstorming effort on hundreds of possible issues, said Rhianna Clark, lead teacher and coordinator of the Kulia Project. Students are encouraged to select topics of personal interest. The work begins when students have to dig into the research and write 8 to 10 page papers on their chosen themes. It culminates in April with the public presentations on the campus.
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Lily Adcock Designs Scrubbers for STEM Capstone

Lily Adcock

Lily Adcock

Pearl City High junior, Lily Adcock, has worked for five years on underwater robotics. When she had to decide on a focus for her STEM honors capstone, she chose to design scrubbers for a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) that could speedily and efficiently remove sea growth from the ship’s hull without damaging the underlying paint. She was one of the finalists at the Leeward District Science and Engineering Fair and won the Director’s Choice Award. The award gave her the chance to participate in the International Science and Engineering Fair taking place in Pittsburgh in May.
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Pearl City High Students Meet “Honu by the Sea” Cast

Johnson Enos

Johnson Enos (L) shares some funny memories from the show’s recent performances in Australia and Japan as cast members (L-R) Miguel, Kainoa, Bryce and Nickey fondly reminisce.

PCHS students and staff were mesmerized for 50 minutes as they watched Johnson

Enos’s Broadway style production of “Honu by the Sea” as performed by cast members Miguel Cadoy III, Kainoa Johnson, Nickey Leigh, and Bryce-William Irvine. The locally produced musical is an internationally acclaimed underwater fantasy about protecting the ocean environment. In addition to enjoying lively choreographed songs and dance, students appreciated hearing from cast members as they described their favorite travel destinations, shared personal advice about pursuing one’s dreams, reflected on incredible experiences as cast members, and gaining knowledge about recycling efforts in other countries like Japan.
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Mililani Team Creates History Day Video on Invasion of Panama

Alexander, Ryan, and Tory

Alexander, Ryan, and Tory

Alexander Ink and Tory Kato, juniors at Mililani High, along with senior Ryan Jansen, decided to tackle a critical but little known event for their History Day project: the invasion of Panama (code name Operation Just Cause) that occurred in 1989-1990. They became interested in this event after hearing about the 2017 death of military dictator Manuel Noriega, the first foreign leader to be convicted of criminal charges by a U.S. jury. They admitted knowing little about the history surrounding the event but they soon realized that it fit perfectly with this year’s National History Day theme, conflict and compromise.
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