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UH Information Security Awareness Training

In an effort to protect Sensitive Information, UH Policy E2.214 Security and Protection of Sensitive Information requires mandatory information security training for users who access sensitive information. The UH Information Security Awareness Initiative was developed to educate the UH Community on the proper handling of sensitive information and UH policies and procedures related to protecting sensitive information and any applicable local, state, federal laws and regulations.

Training Instructions

This training contains five modules - each module is followed by a test. Read through each module then click on the "Test" link at the end of the module. The test will open on a separate page, so you can refer back to the sections in the module for reference if you need to. After completing the test you will review your answers before continuing with the next module. Completing all four modules may take up to two hours, so you do not need to complete them all in one session. Your completion status and grades will be documented for future reference.

How to Access Training

To access the Information Security Awareness Training Program click on the link below and you will be redirected to the Laulima training login page. Enter your UH user ID and password to access the modules.

If you have NOT taken this training before, use the Self Registration link on Laulima.

Once you have self-registered, the "SYS Information Security Awareness" training tab will be available for future visits without having to re-register (just login to Laulima with you UH username and password and the "SYS Information Security Awareness" tab will already be available).

If you have previously registered for the SYS Information Security Awareness training, you can access the page by logging into