US DOS Extends EVP Program (J-1) COVID FAQs, but Limits Telework.

On April 22, 2022, BridgeUSA extended its general COVID-19 accommodations through June 30, 2023 but still conditioned on the requirement that “new exchange visitors can participate in programs only if their host organizations (e.g., schools or businesses) have reinstated partial to full in-person activities.” A new FAQ also continues to allow telework in the College/University Student (Academic Training and Student Intern), Research Scholar, Short Term Scholar, Intern, and Trainee categories, but institutes a limit “of one to two telework days per week.”

UH Mānoa will resume normal operations for the Fall 2022 semester. Therefore, traditional regulations regarding full-time enrollment will apply. The ISS Office is returning to Pre-COVID guidelines after the end of Spring 2022. This expectation includes the following:  

  • The return to in-person classes towards meeting full-time enrollment requirements. 
  • All international students, except those approved by ISS for study/research abroad, must enter the US to begin or continue enrollment at UH Mānoa.

Students who have not yet entered the US as J-1 should follow visa clearance procedures.

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