The ISS Orientation consists of (1) Visa Clearance, (2) Welcome Week Activities, and (3) The Welcome Reception.

Visa Clearance - Required

Fall 2018: Not yet posted

Welcome Week Activities

To Be Announced

The Welcome Reception

The Welcome is optional, but RSVP required if want to attend. Follow the steps for Visa Clearance and then sign up for the reception in Step 5 above.

What is Visa Clearance

Visa Clearance introduces you to the general rules of your visa status. All new incoming students must complete Visa Clearance.

To complete Visa Clearance, students must do 3 primary things:

  1. View a video on visa regulations, and pass a quiz.
  2. Drop off immigration documents for verification and copying.
  3. Enter U.S. address and U.S. phone number information into MyUH record.

If you do not complete Visa Clearance, your record will have a registration hold from ISS that takes effect on the first day of the semester. This hold prevents you from adding and dropping classes.

What are the Welcome Week Activities?

During the week prior to the start of the semester, ISS provides workshops on specific topics that may be valuable to new students. Also, the morning Coffee Socials are opportunities to relax and have some coffee or tea before the start of the day, perhaps meet other students. These events are optional and do not require sign-up.

What is The Welcome?

The Welcome Orientation ("The Welcome") is a full afternoon introducing you to International Student Services staff, student resources, cultural and safety issues, clubs and activities, and most of all, other students. The day ends with a reception with pizza and other refreshments. Here you may meet new students like yourself and make new friends from all over the world.