Beneath the South Pacific

Subject:Marine science; Coral; Reefs; Ecology
Length:25 minutes
Format:1/2 inch VHS
Year Released:1995
Director:Jonathan Bird
Producer:Jonathan Bird
Distributor:AIMS Multimedia
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Description:This exotically beautiful program takes viewers to the tropics to examine the complex ecosystem that develops around a coral reef. Provides media support and an introduction to Life Science, Biology, Ecology, Environmental Studies and Aquatic Science units on marine ecosystems, and the coral reef habitat. Tropical seas are not rich in nutrients; the clarity of tropical waters is due to a shortage of plankton, the first link in any ocean food chain. The coral reef plays a vital role in this hostile environment. Tiny fish and invertebrates shelter in the reef's many protective nooks and crannies. Larger fish are attracted by the smaller ones. The result is a food-rich oasis in nearly barren seas. Students encounter moray eels, sharks, giant clams, turtles, jellyfish and sponges in their native habitat, and watch as a reclusive octopus reaches out and touches the gloved hand of a diver. The program will reinforce students' familiarity with these aquatic creatures and their individual niches within their marine environment.
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