A Chief in Two Worlds

Length:52 minutes
Format:1/2-inch VHS
Year Released:1992
Director:Micah van der Ryn
Producer:Center for Visual Anthropology, USC
Distributor:University of California Extension, Center for Media and Independent Learning
Library Code:UHM AV/C VIDEOTAPE 13639
Description:This unusual documentary focuses on a Samoan resident of Los Angeles and follows him and his family on a dramatic journey to Western Samoa. In a formal ceremony he is invested as a matai (traditional Samoan chief). Examines his new role in the Samoan community of Los Angeles following his return. A superb introduction to Samoan culture and a vivid profile of a man coming to terms with two different cultural traditions. Also a remarkable study of cultural change and resilience and the role of traditional culture and political structures in new transnational contexts.
Record No:298
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