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Adding a URL (either scroll down through page or select from one of the following choices)
About Adding a URL
Adding a URL Tool
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Laulima Based Tutorials
WebCT Based Tutorials

> Exporting Existing WebCT Quizzes/Surveys & Importing into Laulima Tests & Quizzes Tool

Stay tuned for additional tutorials!

> Adding a Syllabus
> Adding a new course section (organizer page)
> Adding a single page (single page link to .pdf, .html, .doc, etc.)
> Adding a URL (link to an outside resource site)
> Adding the Student Presentation Tool
> Adding the Assignment Tool
> Adding a TA
(teaching assistant)
> Adding a co-designer
> Adding Guest Accounts
> Adding a PowerPoint presentation (for Windows)
> Adding a PowerPoint presentation (for Macintosh)
> Adding a PowerPoint for Downloading

> Narrating PowerPoint & Processing in Impatica
> Adding a Quiz or Survey

> Importing and Uploading a Quiz via Respondus (for Windows)
> Importing and Uploading Games/Self-Test via StudyMate (for Windows)
> Importing and Uploading a Multiple Choice Quiz via MakeQuiz (for Macintosh)
> Manual Grading of a Quiz
> Assessment Strategies
> Viewing Quiz/Survey Statistics
> Adding a Score (grade) column
> Adding a Final Score (grade) column
> Downloading and Importing e-packs
> Creating and Restoring a Course Backup
> Fast Uploading of multiple Files with WebDAV
> Exporting/Importing the Student Database
> Exporting Final Grades to Banner
> Word 2000 & 2003
> Private (group) Discussions

About Adding a URL:
The URL Tool allows instructors to create a link to a external Web Sites for either preparing for a lecture, test, or as a resource for a specific course unit/module.

The process of adding the URL Tool is the same no matter what type of URL or Web Site one wants to add. This tutorial illustrates how to add a URL tool to access a site that needs to be reviewed by students prior to an upcoming lecture.

Adding a URL Tool:
Select the link for “Add page or tool” anywhere you would like the URL to appear (Homepage or other course section).

Graphic Image

In the column for “Pages” select “URL”.

Graphic Image

Fill out the sections, including either typing in a web page address or cut and paste an address in this section, location of the link (under the Course Menu and/or on Homepage) and click the “Add” button.

Graphic Image

The URL has been added, click the View tab and test the newly added link.

Graphic Image

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