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Manual Grading of a Quiz (either scroll down through page or select from one of the following choices)
About Manual Grading
Manual Grading of a Quiz

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About Manual Grading:
Instructors may need to manually grade it a quiz if paragraph type questions was used OR to alter question scores.

Manual Grading of a Quiz:
Enter into the assessment area of the course, you may need to select the icon/link for a particular quiz. Next to the header for "Results" click on the “Submissions” button

Graphic Image

You will notice a listing of all students in your course. If paragraph type questions were used you will see “Ungraded” in the “Status” column”.

Click on the “1” or any numbered link in the “No.” column (the number will vary depending upon the number of submissions or attempts set in the quiz settings)

Graphic Image

At this point you can scroll down through the submitted exam, add additional comments, alter scores (enter new score in the "Override score" textblock) OR add a new score for Paragraph type questions (enter score in the "Score" textblock), scroll down and click "Update grade".

Graphic Image

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