460 English Phonology

This course introduces the basics of English phonetics and phonology as they relate to other aspects
of language and with emphasis on areas of interest to second/foreign language learners, teachers, and
researchers. The course will cover:

  • The system of English consonants, vowels, and prosodic elements
  • The acquisition of first and second language phonology
  • How transfer, universals, developmental processes, age, and instruction can affect the
    acquisition process
  • Analysis of ESL/EFL learners' pronunciation and ways of providing feedback
  • Issues, techniques, and materials related to teaching pronunciation
  • The role of pronunciation instruction in an ESL/EFL curriculum

Classes will consist of lectures, readings, discussions, data analysis, exercises, and materials review.
Where possible, practical classroom applications will be provided and demonstrated. The course
aims to provide English teachers and future second language researchers with some understanding of
the English sound system and to assist in the development of soundly based pronunciation pedagogy.