AGC in SLS – Spanish Applied Linguistics

Learning Outcomes

Since the AGC is designed to provide individually tailored programs of study, student learning outcomes will vary considerably from one student to the next. In general, students who complete the Spanish Applied Linguistics track of the AGC will acquire contemporary knowledge and skills in topics and issues related to:

  • Spanish second language analysis, learning, pedagogy, and use;
  • Utilization of research findings;
  • Application of research methods.

More specifically, a graduate from the Spanish Applied Linguistics track of the AGC will:
1. Demonstrate familiarity with topics and concepts specific to their particular interests in the field of Spanish Applied Language Studies
2. Demonstrate the ability to engage in systematic investigation of topics and concepts to inform their own and others’ practices
 in societal domains in which Spanish is used, learned, and taught;
3. Enhance their prospects for employment and advanced academic study.


The requirements for admission are the same as for the AGC in SLS, see

Applicants to the AGC in SLS /Spanish must have completed a master’s or doctoral degree in an appropriate field, or they must be currently enrolled in a master’s or doctoral degree program in an appropriate field at the University of Hawai‘i. Appropriate fields include but are not limited to second language studies, applied linguistics, foreign language education, second language acquisition, or Spanish studies. Applicants must also demonstrate adequate proficiency in Spanish. Speakers of Spanish as a second language fulfill this requirement with an M.A. degree in Spanish, a minimum score of 550 in the S-CAPE Spanish exam, or equivalent, such as an exam administered by the Spanish Division in LLEA.

Number of Credits

Students must complete fifteen units of relevant graduate coursework, approved by the student’s AGC SLS/Spanish advisor.

The existing AGC in SLS is flexibly tailored to the academic and professional goals of the individual student and does not require a prespecified set of courses (Students must complete 15 units of relevant graduate coursework, approved by the student’s advisor.)

No more than 9 credits that are counted toward the AGC SLS/Spanish may be counted toward another degree.
The requirements are as follows:
- Two graduate courses in Spanish studies (linguistics or applied linguistics),
- Two graduate courses in SLS (second language analysis, second language use, second language learning, second language education, research methods)
- One graduate course relevant to the AGC Scholarly Paper.
Of the five graduate courses, at least one should be a 700-level seminar.
A minimum of 9 credits should be courses numbered 600 or above (excluding 699 and Thesis 700).Only 3 credits of SLS 699 can count toward the AGC. Up to 6 credits can be at the 400-level for the Spanish Applied Linguistics track if approved by the student’s advisor.


All SLS courses at 600 and 700 level may be selected. Examples of eligible courses from Spanish include Span 658 Spanish Applied Linguistics, Span 653 Spanish Dialectology, Span 400 Spanish Pragmatics, Span 451 Historical Spanish Linguistics, Span 452 Spanish Linguistics. The graduate course relevant to the Scholarly Paper may be selected from the graduate courses in SLS, the graduate courses in Spanish listed above, or from another discipline, such as Anthropology, Education, Linguistics, or Psychology.

Exit Requirements

Scholarly Paper, typically a publishable, journal article-length research report. In the proposed specialization, the Scholarly Paper will report on a study in Spanish applied linguistics. In accordance with the requirements of the School of Graduate Education, the report will be written in English. It will be assessed by a graduate faculty member in Spanish and a graduate faculty member in SLS.


SLS Graduate Chair (
Joy Logan, Spanish Graduate Advisor (
Marta González-Lloret, Certificate Advisor (