How to DeclareDeclaring Your Major in SLS

Declaring the Second Language Studies Major & Minor

SLS Majors in 485 Professionalism in SLS

Ready to join SLS? There are several ways to declare the major.

Declare when applying to UH

When completing your online application form to UH Mānoa, make sure to select "Second Language Studies".

Declaring or changing your major to SLS as an enrolled UH student

  1. Make an appointment to meet with an SLS advisor.
  2. Complete either the Declaration of Major form or the Declaration of Multiple Majors form.
  3. Email your completed form to CALL Advising (

Declaring a double-major in SLS

Students that plan to double-major in SLS and another field of study will need:

  • A short statement of purpose.
  • Evidence of academic planning.
  • Their declaration of major form.

Declaring the Minor

To declare the minor, please contact and let us know!