Financial Support for MA Students

On a very limited basis, GAships in the ELI or HELP, lectureships in the ELI, or casual-hire positions in HELP can be awarded to MA students. Casual-hire positions, lectureships, and 0.25FTE GAships do not include health benefits. 0.25FTE GAs are eligible for a half tuition waiver. The availability of positions depends on departmental needs and funding, and can be offered during the academic year or summer session.

MA students are eligible for a maximum of four semesters of support as a graduate assistant (GA) for teaching or research duties in the department (3 semesters for students who entered through the BAMA program) and not beyond the 6th semester in the program (5th semester for BAMA students) as long as they maintain a 3.0 average in the program. There is no guarantee, however, that they will receive such support on a continuing basis.

Selection for a position in the ELI or HELP is based on faculty recommendation, teaching experience and training, an interview with a panel of ELI/HELP administrators, and the availability of courses and funding.

Selection for a GAship in research (in various SLS faculty supervised projects) is based on the student’s relevant training and experience, as determined by the faculty member supervising the research project.

Available Achievement Scholarships are awarded to students based on academic standing (initially a combination of standing on GPA and experience), amount of previous departmental support, and receipt of other awards or GAships. The Department makes every effort to award the greatest number of high-achieving students who meet the Achievement Scholarship requirements with the available funding. MA students are eligible for a maximum of four semesters of Achievement Scholarships (3rd semester for students who entered through the BAMA program).

Students with 0.50 FTE Graduate Assistantships, which afford them with tuition waivers and health benefits, are not eligible for the Achievement Scholarship awarded for tuition.

First-semester MA students may receive Achievement Scholarship awards, but it is rare for an entering MA student to be hired for a position in the ELI or HELP during the first semester.