BA in SLS Program

For me, basically SLS is a home. After becoming a part of SLS, I feel this is where I belong; where bilinguals and people who speak different languages fit in.

Kelvin Ibia
Double major in SLS and Filipino

SLS 303 students in front of Moore Hall
Undergraduate students from SLS 303 Second Language Teaching with Dr Dongping Zheng

What is Second Language Studies (SLS)?

SLS is an exciting interdisciplinary field where students learn about the science of languages and language learning.

At the undergraduate level, SLS students learn how languages are taught and learned, and how to become an effective language teacher like many TESOL programs.

Unlike TESOL programs, SLS goes further and examines how language is used, how multilingualism promotes intercultural communication, and how language advocacy and policy in our local and global communities matter. All of this and more!

With the SLS major, students will gain a solid foundation and develop the skills needed to be a successful language learner, educator, and professional.