BA AlumniVoices from the graduates of the BA program

Victorica Lee, SLS BA graduate

Victoria Lee

Victoria graduated from our accelerated BA-MA Pathway program. After receiving her MA, she was selected for a prestigious Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship in South Korea.

Post-graduate life still feels uneasy and I even question myself at times, but the preparation the department has given me in terms of knowledge and experience enables me to go out with more confidence and pursue my goals and interests with more motivation.

Chase Nomura

After earning is BA in SLS, Chase was accepted into the Peace Corps and worked in Cambodia as an English Teacher and a Teacher Trainer.

SLS is designed to create language teachers and teaches you different teaching methodologies and styles of language learning. My post undergraduate experience of going abroad to teach couldn't have been more perfect.

Chase Nomura, SLS BA graduate

Colt Dante

Colt leveraged his BA in SLS towards his current position as the Academic Coordinator of EF Honolulu, the local campus of an international language school.

My BA in SLS gave me the ability to further develop intercultural competence. I am able to understand the contexts which international students may be coming from so that I can assist them in a more meaningful way. The theories I studied back then allowed me to create my own materials that I could use in practical English lessons with students of multiple backgrounds.

Zachary Izawa

After graduating with his BA in SLS, Zachary began working at the Tokyo Global Gateway School as an instructor and assists in their robotics and coding program.

The skills and knowledge of SLS courses helped me during my internship and fortunately gained my current position in Japan. Thanks to SLS, I am well equipped to teach, create, and help me improve as a teacher.

SLS grad Zachary

Emma Mason

With her BA in SLS, Emma found her way to teach in Japan through the JET Program. After completing her time in Japan she plans to return to UH Mānoa and apply for the MA in SLS.

Second Language Studies has been instrumental in equipping me with a solid foundation in language education theory and practical teaching skills. I credit my acceptance into the JET Program to what I learned in the Department of Second Language Studies.