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New for Fall 2020, we have two new Minors in Second Language Studies:

  • The Second Language Studies (SLS) Minor is for students with an interest in any area of SLS to gain both a core understanding of language, language use, and second language acquisition; as well as knowledge in any area of the field students find useful or relevant to their own goals.
  • The SLS Language Teaching Minor is for students with an interest in language teaching and learning and want to deepen their expertise and qualifications for a language teaching career. This Minor features a "catered menu" of electives to help students strengthen their understanding of language pedagogy to supplement the required courses in language teaching and learning.

Course Menu

Course Focus, etc. SLS Minor
(3 courses required, 2 elective; 15 cr. total)
SLS Language Teaching Minor
(3 courses required, 3 elective; 18 cr. total)
Fall Spring Summer
SLS 150 - Learning Languages and Communicating in a Globalized World DS Introductory Introductory
SLS 280 - Bilingualism: Cognition & Culture DS Introductory Introductory
SLS 301 - Language Concepts
*Previously ran as 480N
Required* Required*
SLS 302 - Second Language Learning W* Required, Prerequisite** Required, Prerequisite**
SLS 303 - Second Language Teaching Elective Required
SLS 312 - Techniques in SL Teaching: Reading & Writing O* Elective Elective
SLS 313 - Techniques in SL Teaching: Listening & Speaking O* Elective Elective
SLS 408 - Multilingual Education W*, DS Elective N/A
SLS 418 - Instructional Media Elective Elective
SLS 430 - Pidgin & Creole English in Hawai`i H (E*), DS Elective N/A
SLS 441 - Language Concepts for SL Learning & Teaching Required* Required*
SLS 460 - English Phonology DH Elective Elective
SLS 475 - Second Language Teaching Practicum N/A Elective*** (varies)
SLS 480-alpha (others, including 480P: Pedagogy)**** (varies) 480U: required
Other alphas: elective
480P: Elective (varies)
SLS 485 (Professionalism in SLS) N/A (Major only) N/A (Major only)
SLS 490 - Second Language Testing Elective Elective


  • * Either SLS 301 (480N) or SLS 441 is required.
  • ** SLS 302 is the primary prerequisite course in the department.  The official listing in the UH Manoa catalog says “prerequisite (or concurrent)”. This means that you can take other SLS courses during the same semester that you take 302. It’s also OK to take SLS 150 prior to SLS 302. However, when you begin taking SLS courses at the 300- or 400-level, you’ll need to be sure that SLS 302 is one of the courses you start with.
  • *** SLS 475 will be available for Teaching Minors after Majors have enrolled, space permitted. Please be advised the course is not offered every academic year.
  • **** Topic areas for SLS 480-alpha are:
    • 480P = Second Language Pedagogy
      • SLS 480P is the only alpha course which will be counted as an Elective Course for the SLS Language Teaching Minor.
    • 480R = Second Language Research
    • 480U = Second Language Use
      • SLS 480U (Sociolinguistics) will be renumbered into SLS 304. Either SLS 480U or SLS 304 will be accepted for the SLS Minor.
    • 480N = Second Language Analysis
    • 480E = Second Language Learning
  • Both SLS 302 and 408 are “Writing Intensive” courses (each counts as one of the general education core requirements for “W” focus). We recommend that students avoid taking both in the same semester. Additionally, SLS 441 is considered by most students to be “homework-heavy” and requires that students keep up with (if not ahead of) the homework. Thus, we also recommend that students avoid taking SLS 441 at the same time as SLS 302 or 408.

Course Descriptions

To see descriptions of all SLS courses, click here.

The textbooks listed will be available at the UH bookstore before the semester begins as well as in price comparison shopping agents such as www.bestwebbuys.com and www.addall.com.  If you purchase from the price comparison shopping agents, be sure to allot enough time for delivery, as it can sometimes take 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more about the SLS Minor or SLS Teaching Minor, please email slsminor@hawaii.edu. Brief Zoom, Google Meet, or phone appointments are available!