Minors in SLS

SLS means to me anything about language; how we learn languages, how you can teach languages, how language is important in societies. Everything in that realm and more.

Samantha Keller
Double major in SLS and French

The SLS Minor Degrees

There are two Minors in Second Language Studies (SLS); the SLS Minor and the SLS Teaching Minor.

The SLS Minor (15 credits) is for students with an interest in any area of SLS to gain a core understanding of language, language use, and second language acquisition.

The SLS Language Teaching Minor (18 credits) is for students with an interest in language teaching and learning and want to deepen their expertise and qualifications for a language teaching career.

There are also differences in the coursework for our Minors.


Both Minors require three courses (9 credits). Both Minors share SLS 301 and SLS 302* as required courses. The third required course for the Teaching Minor is SLS 303, while the third required course for the SLS Minor is SLS 304.


The SLS Minor only requires two electives (6 credits) and includes all of our upper division (300-400) SLS undergraduate courses. Our 100 & 200 lower division courses, SLS 475, and SLS 485 do not count for the SLS Minor. The electives for the Teaching Minor can be seen below.

SLS Teaching Minor Electives (9 credits/3 courses):

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*SLS 302 is a prerequisite for most elective courses. 100-200 level classes do not count towards the Minor, but are highly recommended as a foundation

If you have further questions or would like more information, please contact our academic advisors (slsba@hawaii.edu) by email or by phone (808-956-6131).