Minors in SLS

The SLS Minor

There are two Minors in Second Language Studies (SLS); the SLS Minor and the SLS Teaching Minor.

The SLS Minor is for students with an interest in any area of SLS to gain both a core understanding of language, language use, and second language acquisition, in addition to knowledge in any area of the field students find useful or relevant to their own goals.

The requirements and electives for the SLS Minor total 15 credits. Listed below are the core and elective courses for the minor. This Minor features a "catered menu" of electives that students can choose from.

Minor Requirements (9 credits/3 courses):

Minor Electives (6 credits/2 courses):

More Information

*SLS 302 is a prerequisite for most elective courses. 100-200 level classes do not count towards the Minor, but are highly recommended as a foundation

**Topic areas for SLS 480-alpha are:

  • 480P = Second Language Pedagogy
  • 480R = Second Language Research
  • 480U = Second Language Use
  • 480N = Second Language Analysis
  • 480E = Second Language Learning

If you have further questions or would like more information, please contact our academic advisors (slsba@hawaii.edu) by email or by phone (808-956-6131).