Dustin CrowtherAssistant Professor
PhD, Michigan State University

Dustin Crowther

Moore Hall 552
dcrowthat symbolhawaii.edu

My primary research agenda emphasizes the attainment of intelligible speech for additional language speakers, inclusive of both speaker- and listener-based variables. Specifically, I take into account the linguistic and intercultural considerations that define native-nonnative and nonnative-nonnative interaction. Given the increased global spread of English, much of my current research is informed by scholarship derived from Global Englishes (inclusive of world Englishes, English as an international language, and English as a lingua franca). My research has been published in leading applied linguistics journals, including Applied Linguistics, Language Learning, Studies in Second Language Acquisition, and TESOL Quarterly. I am also the co-author of Shaping Learners' Pronunciation: Teaching the Connected Speech of North American English (with J.D. Brown) and co-editor of Investigating World Englishes: Research Methodology and Practical Applications (with Peter De Costa and Jeffrey Maloney). 

As an experienced English language instructor, my long-term scholarly objective is to link research to pedagogy. As an early academic who has greatly benefited throughout my graduate studies from the collaborative opportunities afforded to me, I recognize the value of providing similar hands-on guidance and opportunities to my current and future students.

Areas of Expertise

  • Second language speaking and listening
  • Second language pronunciation teaching 
  • Mutual intelligibility in multilingual & multicultural interaction
  • Global Englishes (inclusive of world Englishes, English as an international language, English as a lingua franca)
  • Program Development
  • Methodological practices in applied linguistics (specifically SLA) research

Selected Publications

Crowther, D., & Isbell, D. R. (2023). Second language speech comprehensibility: A research agenda. Language Teaching.

Crowther, D., Isbell, D., & Nishizawa, H. (2023). What characterizes ‘acceptable’ academic English speaking? Examining task and linguistic/temporal influences on university stakeholders’ judgments. Applied Psycholinguistics. Published online 11 August 2023.

Isbell, D. R., & Crowther, D. (2023). Revisiting US undergraduate perceptions of non-native English varieties: From Millennials to Generation Z. Applied Linguistics, 44(2), 287-311.

Isbell, D. R., Crowther, D., & Nishizawa, H. (2023). Speaking performances, stakeholder perceptions, and test scores: Extrapolating from the Duolingo English Test to the university. Language Testing. Published online 24 April 2023.

Brown, J. D., & Crowther, D. (2022). Teaching English connected speech to second language learners. Routledge.

Crowther, D., Holden, D., & Urada, K. (2022). Second language speech comprehensibility. Language Teaching, 55(4), 470-489.