Graham CrookesProfessor
PhD, University of Hawai‘i

photo of SLS professor Graham Crookes
Graham Crookes

Moore Hall 402

Dr. Crookes’s main research and teaching interests at present are critical language pedagogy and language teachers developing philosophies of teaching. More generally, he remains broadly interested in the methodology of second language teaching and teacher development. In recent semester his seminar teaching has included material on emotion and motivation in second language teaching and learning. Very recently he has begun exploring the role of coaching and dialogue in professional development. Besides teaching regular graduate and undergraduate courses for the Department of SLS, he has conducted courses and workshops for teachers especially on teaching methodology, action research, and critical pedagogy, in a variety of settings around the world, including Colombia, Denmark, Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Selected Publications:

Crookes, G. V. (with Bluth, P., Haeusler, A., Parba J., & West, G.). (2018). “How did you become political?”: Narratives of junior researcher-practitioners in applied linguistics. In Seyyed-Abdolhamid Mirhosseini (ed.), Special issue, Critical Inquiry in Language Studies.

Crookes, G. V. (2017). Critical language pedagogy given the English Divide in Korea: A suite of practices, critique, and the role of the intellectual. English Teaching [Korea], 72(4), 3-21.

Crookes, G. V. (with West, G.). (2017). Critical practitioner research in language education: Developing a research response under difficult circumstances. In Seyyed Abdolhamid Mirhosseini (ed.), Reflections on Qualitative Research in Language and Literacy Education (pp. 139-156). Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer.

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